School Halls and Gymnasiums

School halls and gymnasiums are a challenging environment as they are often used for purposes beyond their original intention.

Thankfully, at Venue Technical Services we are experienced in helping make the most out of these venues by working with our customers to either design the correct systems for new buildings or retrofit older buildings with modern technologies and efficient designs.


School halls are designed to accommodate a large number of students at a time.
This results in very large and often reverberant rooms.
The challenge then is to ensure that all the students in the audience are able to hear what is happening on stage.
This challenge is made even harder again when gymnasiums are utilized as school halls when either the school does not have a stand alone hall or the hall is insufficient for the number of students attending.

Venue Technical Services can combat this challenge in 2 ways. Firstly we use intelligent audio equipment and design the positioning of speakers to minimise the echo effect. Utilising cleverly designed speakers which are highly directional, they can be aimed at the desired audience and minimise reflections off walls etc. We then add a digital processor to your sound system which enables us to add a slight delay to the speakers towards the rear of the venue. This results in the new sound waves generated by the rear speakers to line up with those originating from the front of the venue. What this means for your audience is that the sound is clear and appears to be coming from the front of the room where the presenter is standing.

Secondly, the venue itself is able to be treated acoustically to reduce the effect of any remaining sound reflections.
Venue Technical Services' background in the theatre industry means we have a large amount of knowledge and experience in acoustics.
We can work with you to custom design the best solution for your school hall or gymnasium.


For many schools, these halls and gymnasiums also double as the space for performing arts classes such as drama or dance.
If this is the case for your school, then professional theatre lights are a necessity.
There have been many large advancements in LED technology in recent years and Venue Technical Services has been on the forefront of these developments.
Modern fixtures are relatively inexpensive, offer a huge level of customization and are extremely reliable and efficient.
From simple coloured wash lighting to spotlights for presenters to intelligent moving lights, the effects you can achieve are limited only to your imagination.
We also provide control desks which can be either as simple as possible or offer as much control and customization as desired.

Venue Technical Services will guide you through the entire process. We will help you design your lighting set, supply the lights required and then install them for you. This will often include specialized lighting bars we build for your school hall or gymnasium. These bars allow for easy adjustment of lighting positions while also providing all electric circuitry required for the lights themselves.


The use of video displays or projection screens is fundamental when delivering a presentation.
It is crucial that the correct gear be used to maximise the legibility of content on the screen.
Variables such as screen size, screen placement, projector throw distance, imminence and input formats all need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right equipment for your school hall or gymnasium.
At Venue Technical Services, not only can we help find the right projection system to suit your venue, but we will install it neatly and professionally.
We also can provide many different locations for the input signal to be plugged in.
This can be from sources in the control booth, or from inputs located on stage, the lectern itself or any other locations that may be needed for your venue to operate properly.
All of this will be done as cleanly as possible, hiding all cables within the walls, floors and ceiling spaces.


As mentioned above, many of these venues are often used for performing arts purposes.
As a result, it is also important to include the relative professional theatre curtains and curtain track to your venue.
These can be front of stage curtains to hide and reveal set changes, rear backdrops or as borders to frame the desired viewing area.
As we use high quality theatre products, they also have the added benefit of improving the acoustics of the environment while also looking professional.
For larger venues, consideration may be given to using winch systems to raise and lower lighting bars, scenery bars and curtain tracks.
At Venue Technical Services we are experienced in setting up hand winch, counterweight and motorized fly systems.
Our theatre based background means we have the knowledge and experience to help you through the whole process from design to installation and ongoing safety inspections and maintenance.

Venue Technical Services will happily assist you with any of the above solutions, but can also provide help with any other issues you may be having.
We can provide equipment, spare parts, perform repairs and maintenance inspections.

Contact us today and see how we can help you.