Pubs, Bars and Nightclubs

Pub, Bar and Nightclub sound and lighting systems are a critcal part of a venues identity.

If the place sounds good, looks nice and has a good vibe about it, then the customers will not only keep coming back but they will tell their friends, thus bringing more and more people.
At Venue Technical Services we understand how to get the best results for your venue without costing you an arm and a leg.


As pubs, bars and nightclubs are typically places people come to have a drink, listen to good music and perhaps have a dance, it is important that the quality of the sound is as high as possible.
Customers want to feel the beat with their body, have their ears enjoying the melody and still be able to talk to the other people in the venue.
A quality sound system will enable you to have nice loud music with good dynamic range, yet won't "sound loud".
When a system sounds loud it is because the equipment is being asked to perform beyond it's capabilities and is distorting the audio.
At Venue Technical Services we will look at your venue and what your desired situation is.
We will design the right system for your pub, bar or nightclub utilizing the best equipment for the job.
This does not mean the most well known brands or the most expensive equipment,
 every system is custom designed to suit your needs and deliver the best quality possible for the best price.
The design will also include speaker placement for even coverage and zoning controls to allow volume or inputs to be varied between different areas of your venue.


LED lighting has enabled much more control and capabilities of lighting effects for pubs, bars and nightclubs.
It is highly efficient, long lasting and becoming more and more affordable.
At Venue Technical Services we have access to a huge variety of lighting solutions to meet whatever desires you may have.
Colour adjustable LED lighting can be used with great affect as architectural feature lighting and we at VTS have a long history of working with architects and interior designers to accomplish their visions.
And what is a dance floor without intelligent moving lights?
 Venue Technical Services will help you design, install and program your feature lighting to add the party atmosphere to your venue.
We will also provide and install the backbone infrastructure for these lights to operate on.


The use of video displays and projection screens is common place in today's pubs, bars and nightclubs.
These can be used for sporting event purposes like AFL matches or The Melbourne Cup, or they can add atmosphere by utilizing music videos or promotional footage.
At Venue Technical Services we have a lot of experience in the setup and operation of video distribution systems.
We can design and install all relative screens, cabling, video sources and matrix distribution equipment.
These systems allow you to control what footage is displayed on any screen at any time.
Another common feature is to have separate inputs for any private function areas.
This allows for customers who have hired a section of your pub, bar or nightclub to bring in their own video content for their private event.
By having these features you will attract clients who may otherwise go elsewhere for their functions.
Venue Technical Services can design and install these systems giving the end user as little or as much control as you wish.

Venue Technical Services will happily assist you with any of the above solutions, but can also provide help with any other issues you may be having.
We can provide equipment, spare parts, perform repairs and maintenance inspections.

Contact us today and see how we can help you.