Performing Arts Centres and Theatres

At Venue Technical Services our history and skills base is from the theatre and live performing arts industry.

We specialize in the design and fit out of all the technical infrastructure for new theatre complexes.
VTS has a long and successful history of working with architects and builders to ensure the maximum usability and functionality of the final result.


Venue Technical Services has the knowledge and experience to be able to design the most effective audio systems to suit your specific theatre or performing arts centre.
We use only the highest quality equipment to ensure your system has the headroom you need, and the components utilize the acoustic properties of your venue.
VTS will also find the correct system to ensure maximum usability from it's end users.

As well as the primary sound system for your venue, VTS can also provide all communications systems necessary to run a live performance.
We handle all cabling and work with the architects and builders to provide maximum usability from the location and features of all stage boxes and GPO's.
Venue Technical Services also provides support for the theatre or performing arts centre once the installation is complete.


As well as being able to help choose and provide all theatre and live production lights, Venue Technical Services also works with the architects and builders to inform them on the most suitable location of all lighting bars and associated equipment.
We can custom build and install these lighting bars, plus run all associated cabling.
Venue Technical Services will also install all lighting control systems and dimmer racks required to operate your lighting systems.

Venue Technical Services can also provide and install the house lighting systems with easy to operate control systems.
We utilize LED fixtures to maximise lifespan of the fixtures and minimise operating costs.


The use of AV systems in theatres and performing arts centres is increasingly common.
Venue Technical Services has a lot of experience of designing and installing many different systems for different purposes.
We can design, supply and install your conventional high luminance, long throw projection systems for stage presentations, or short throw systems used for projecting onto cycloramas for set design.
VTS will help choose the correct screen, projector and any other associated equipment required to suit your specific venue.
We also work with you to design all input systems from lecterns, stage boxes and other sources located in the control box or other relevant locations.
Venue Technical Services also has experience in designing and installing live camera video distribution systems.
This functionality is highly useful for theatres and performing arts centres as it allows people backstage, in the foyer or anywhere else you deem necessary to be able to keep track of what is currently happening on stage.
We will help you find the correct camera and lens, video distribution system, associated cabling and display monitors with correct mounting equipment for all required locations.


Venue Technical Services specialize in the staging systems required for a professional performing arts theatre.
We work with the architects and builders to help design any stage lifts, fly systems and curtains.
VTS will then supply and install these products in a timely and professional manner.

Stage lifts provide great versatility for a theatre or performing arts centre. Our simple to operate systems allow you to either extend the stage, increase audience seating or have an orchestra pit with just the touch of a button. Rated to the highest safety standards, we custom design every lift to maximise it's effectiveness.

As mentioned above, Venue Technical Services can design, supply and install all associated equipment for lighting systems. This includes the infrastructure for hanging these light fixtures and also for hanging any scenery, curtains or other equipment. Once again, Venue Technical Services designs, supplies and installs all types of fly systems including counterweight systems, manual hand winches and motorized winch systems. Using only the highest quality pulleys, wire and other associated equipment, we ensure that the installation of these fly systems is safe and precise. We work with the architects to ensure that during construction of your theatre or performing arts centre, all necessary steelwork and load bearing structures are correctly located and rated for the correct hanging of these fly systems.

Venue Technical Services also designs, supplies and installs all curtains and associated infrastructure for theatres and performing arts centres.
This includes front of house curtains, stage borders and legs, back curtains and cycloramas.
We can also design motorized or manual control systems for this infrastructure.

Venue Technical Services will happily assist you with any of the above solutions, but can also provide help with any other issues you may be having.
We can provide equipment, spare parts, perform repairs and maintenance inspections.

Contact us today and see how we can help you.