Cafe and Restaurant Sound System

Hospitality and food service offer their own unique set of challenges.

As a cafe or restaurant owner, you want to create an environment where your customers feel comfortable and enjoy themselves.
While many venues will focus on the appearance and style of their cafe or restaurant, what they don't realise is that the atmosphere or "feel" of the place comes from more than just choosing the right paint.


For a cafe and restaurant sound system the aim is to uniform coverage of clear sounding audio with minimal visual impact.
What this means is that there are no loud or quiet spots, the music is crisp and clear without intruding into the customer's ability to have a conversation, and the sound system itself is not visually intrusive.
Venue Technical Services will work with you to find the correct products and installation plan to suit your venue.

However, having a good sound system is only half of the story.
Cafes and restaurants are naturally noisy environments.
The sounds generated by coffee machines, kitchens, waitstaff and other customers can often make for an unpleasant experience.
This is where Venue Technical Services knowledge and experience in acoustics is important.
We can work with you to custom design the best solution for your cafe or restaurant that keeps your customers happy and returning again and again.


Mood and atmosphere can be changed dramatically by the type and method of lighting used in a cafe or restaurant.
Direct focused and indirect coloured LED lighting provide unprecedented levels of customization and control of your venue's lighting and provide the finishing touches to the feel of the venue.
Venue Technical Services can povide customised stand alone or integrated lighting systems that are easy to use and tailored to your specific needs.
We have many years of experience working together with architects and interior designers to achieve their visions.

There have been many large advancements in LED technology in recent years and Venue Technical Services has been on the forefront of these developments.
Modern fixtures are relatively inexpensive, offer a huge level of customization and are extremely reliable and efficient.
If you have the vision, we can help make that into a reality.


While not suitable for all styles of cafe or restaurant, more and more places are including AV components into their venue.
The most common situation is when a cafe or restaurant has a private function room.
Many customers who hire these rooms will be looking to bring along a laptop or DVD to play a presentation.
At Venue Technical Services we can help you design and install a video projection or video display system that has minimal impact when not in use, but maximum impact when desired.

VTS also has experience in providing and installing video matrix systems into cafes and restaurants where TV screens are a prominant part of the design.
These systems provide the ability to control what content is displayed on which screen from one central location.
Whether you want to show the Melbourne Cup on all screens or perhaps some atmospheric music videos or promotional materials, Venue Technical Services will provide the correct system for you.

Venue Technical Services will happily assist you with any of the above solutions, but can also provide help with any other issues you may be having.
We can provide equipment, spare parts, perform repairs and maintenance inspections.

Contact us today and see how we can help you.